How to negate and union cut a mesh part ( FBX or OBJ)

I’m using a meshpart for a right hand, and I want to replicate the right hand to a left hand so then, I thought I could negate and union cut the thumb of and move it to the other side of the hand but, then I got an error, saying union cutting does not support meshparts, If anyone could help me, it would be a pleasure!

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You heard it right. You can do CSG operations with meshes, they don’t mix even though they are similar. You’d have to make a separate mesh, I’m afraid, until the mesh deformation properly releases.


Please explain more, about the seperate mesh.

Meshpart’s can’t be changed like a Union can, however most 3D software does have that functionality, such as Blender’s Boolean modifier.

However you’re better off just mirroring the right hand in whatever 3D software you use to make a left one.

You can search for all these and more on the software’s support pages.