How to not allow animation on a specific limb?

Are there ways to disconnect the RightUpperArm from a animation (e.g. Default running animation) while the other limbs all animate relatively to the C0 of their Motor6D’s CFrame? I’m not looking for modifying the animation itself, I want to toggle between animate and not animate specific limb on the fly.

Thanks in advance~

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The Roblox animation editor specifically allows you to toggle limbs affected by an animation. Can someone provide a screenshot? I’m unable to.

You should be able to just click the name label for the limb and it will toggle its presence in the animation.

That information is stored as part of the animation structure, as far as I am aware - you need to modify and reupload the animation to achieve this, if you want to use Roblox’s animation system.

Here’s the button to exclude limbs from an animation.

What happens is that Pose instances (HumanoidRootPart, LowerTorso, …) are removed from the Keyframe instances (KF2.5, Keyframe) of your KeyframeSequence (MyAnimation)

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You can reset a Motor6D’s Transform every step. This doesn’t replicate, though. You can also play an animation over the current one which locks only a specific limb. This replicates. Other than that, I think you’re out of luck.

If you are able to rename the parent of the motor6d for that joint (I don’t know if that would affect any other stuff in your game), but that will cause the animation for that joint to not play.

Tested and it didn’t seem to work, sadly. I renamed the joints after the animation has already been loaded by the humanoid, though. This might work if the animation hasn’t been loaded yet.

So sorry, I typed the wrong thing, I meant the part containing the motor6d, sorry. Like if its the motor affecting the right shoulder, its parent is right upper arm, rename right upper arm to something different.


That did the trick.

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D: Doesn’t work for the UpperTorso. Is there any other way?

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You would use a animation that is higher priority that only uses the specified joints.