How to NOT get scammed while doing a commission

scamming is a big problem when it comes to commissions. it can happen to literally any side of the commission. when it does happen, it will either be the customer running away with the art/final product, or the developer running away with the payment.

So, how do you prevent this from happening from either side? well, i’ve gathered a few tips so you can prevent this.

-From the developer’s side

  • ALWAYS do payment first. just so the commissioner doesn’t feel like they’re getting scammed, show them your work with your watermark all over it (don’t make it transparent).

For builders/scripters:

make a baseplate, then get a script/start building and make it a .rblx file. record a video going through your build/script and then make them pay before sending the script or .rblx file (for scripters btw all you need to do is to give them the script)

-For the client

  • make them show you the work with watermarks, then after that pay them. make sure you can actually see the work by the way

a good tip if you’re commissioning a artist is ask them for examples then ask who ordered them, and then go to the person’s profile/twitter page and make sure it’s not a alternate account

Note that i am a graphics artist, and some of these tips may only work for graphic artists and roblox artists in general. i should also point out to list why it doesn’t work for you if it doesn’t so i can update this post.
also this post doesn’t solve all scamming problems. this is just a ‘tips n’ tricks’ post on how you can prevent scamming from happening to you

I hope atleast 1 of these helped you!


Show them the model in-game? If so, they can just steal the asset using exploits.


For builds, you should not let them join the game since they can use Synapse to save them.

no, what i mean is send them a link to your model. make it copylocked, so while they can’t take the model, they can still look at it and determine if they should make the person do final adjustments or pay and get the model

just made it more understandable in the text so people don’t get confused

.rblx files are way better than unlocked places especially because someone else could steal the place while it’s not locked.

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Uhh, this doesnt really help so much, here are the reasons why:

  • The client can simply not trust the developer and so they wont pay them at all, after all, developers can also scam people just like the clients, and no, showing the watermarked work wont do anything either considering that the developer can scam the person by showing the watermarked image and then not remove it.

  • The view should indeed be made ingame, because thats the safest thing to the CLIENT, considering that there can have some problems in the model that can only be viewed ingame and considering that we can see the model in full quality only ingame.

  • A script being viewed as a copyrighted model is the same as letting someone see the front of your homework but not see the rest of it, the player will need to join the game and test it out, so the developer should be the one to secure the scripts by using remote events/functions and keeping the most important things server-sided.

You could also send thru a video with the result and send them thru an .rbxm or a .rblx file once the payment has been transferred.

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this is a personal tip because i’ve been scammed out of a commission before (not paid) (for builders/scripters)

if you don’t get paid say after 30 days, i believe that you are free to sell your asset on or use it yourself because you can’t let it go to waste

Thanks, this might come to help someone one day, appreciate it!

The view should indeed be made ingame

If it’s done in game then it can be very easily stolen unless it’s a server script

Why would they send you the watermarked work and then not remove the watermark after you’ve payed? There is no reason for them to do that assuming the work is complete.

Yes but there is no other way to test a script either, unless you make a video joining the game and testing it.

Well now that I thought about it yeah it doesnt make sense.

When the customer runs away with the build, I feel like its better.
If the customer gets scammed its worse.
Heres why: The commissioner can just sell it again, but if the customer is scammed then he has no way of getting the model they wanted.


This is helpful but I would recommend putting the GFX on low quality we’re it’s still see-able but it’s just extremely bad, tell them to pay for the finish design.