How to offset a LookVector

have a nice day. I need to calculate the look vector, but slightly offset. What does it mean?

let’s imagine that we have a Part that is turned in one direction.
I just need a Look vector that is turned in exactly that direction, but maybe about 10 degrees more to the left/right, depending on how I decide.


I actually have a red part available. I need to calculate the Lookvector of the green part, but I don’t have it available. I only know the LookVector and the rotation of the red block, and how many degrees in another direction the green one is turned.

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

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Couldn’t you just rotate the part using CFrame.Angles?

Might’ve misunderstood the question but I believe you can still just use CFrame.Angles to get the current CFrame but at a new rotation.

this is not the point. LookVector is one part of a rather complicated formula, and without it it won’t work.

So just use the LookVector of the new rotated CFrame? I recommend you test that and see how it goes.

I can’t rotate the part. i have to calculate it as if i rotated it.

that’s the formula for calculating the car’s movement using VectorForce. if I use only LookVector, the car goes forward and backward. I need the offset LookVector so that the car can turn. I have to redirect the power of VectorForce a little to the side. (I tested it, if I have the external block turned in the direction I want (+welded to car), it works. but i can’t use external block.)

I’m not saying to rotate the part.

I’m saying to take the CFrame of the seat part, make it a variable, rotate it, and then use the LookVector of that.

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I know it can be done, but it can certainly be calculated. that’s exactly why I put this topic here so that I can make this formula. I thought that something similar to (+…) was enough, but it doesn’t work. I just didn’t know that I would be dealing with it for 2 days. I’ve already replaced a lot of formula options.

LookVector = seat.Parent.Main.CFrame.LookVector + CFrame.Angles(seat.TurnSpeed * seat.SteerFloat,0,0).LookVector

I know that this partially worked, but the car always turned to a otientation of either 90 or -90 and stopped turning there.