How to open a browser from my game?

I’m thinking about creating my game documentation in an external wiki site.
How can I open a browser with a specific URL when the user clicks on a help icon or press F1?

Unfortunately community guidelines won’t allow you to redirect users offsite or encourage them to, so you have a few options.

  • Once VideoFrames are released for everyone, record a video tutorial?
  • Take a screenshot of each wiki page and upload them as images on the website?
  • Or just use GUIs directly?

Thanks, here some considerations:

What is the reason for this?
Nothing prevents me from creating a TextLabel saying: Access the documentation on
However, this will only generate more work for the user, as he will have to manually type the URL into a browser, instead of opening it automatically by the game.

Although videos tutorials are very good for the fast learning curve, the problem is that when the game interface evolves and new features emerge, this quickly makes the videos obsolete.

In addition to being laborious and taking up a lot of unnecessary space with images within the game, just as with videos, this also becomes obsolete quickly.

That was my first idea, but I quickly found out that TextLabel is highly limited, even with the new RichText property.

In short, currently, I don’t see a better solution than to have external wiki documentation for the game.
Too bad Roblox complicates things that should be simple …

Hopefully Roblox brings in age classification which hopefully loosens up some rules so you can do this.

Unfortunately for the time being those are your only options.

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