How to insert tabs (and other formats) in a TextLabel?

I’m creating a frame with a TextLabel where I’ll put the Help for my game.
There I’ll put some info like:


WASD:     Walk
Shift:    Run

I’m creating the text in a Text Editor.
However, when I paste the text inside the TextLabel, the tabs are lost.
Also, I’d like to center the HELP word but the other lines might be left-aligned.
Also, I’d like to use Bullet List, Numbered lists, and other special formats, like used in this forum.

I know there is a RichText opinion, but it’s pretty limited.

Any way to have something similar to this forum for TextLabels?

I recommend using Defaultio’s RichText Module. It can be found here:

This supports a wide range of features, such as text wrapping.