How to optimise my game

So i have a game a long while ago and i started to develop again. The only problem is that i use too much terrain so it takes a lot to load in and on phone it just makes your device burn. How do i fix or make it easier to load in? I want to make my game more accessible and the map really rely on the terrain. I made caves and in it is a lot of stuff or underground. Or should i just delete all the terrain and try to make the game more playable by simply building it out of parts? But then it doesnt seem sooo smooth and there are no waving grass.


This could sound like a job for streaming enabled maybe? I basically know nothing of it but I’ve heard to use it in passing for large maps

Just delete terrain that is not visible to people because terrain are made of voxels, which are clumsy and takes a lot of memory.

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u just answered to your question by saying that your game has too much terrain