How to optimize exported mesh from Studio

Hello everyone!

I really suck at Blender, so I solution I found when I need to do a model is building it on roblox then exporting the selection and importing it as a MeshPart (to avoid zfighting and a lot of parts on a simple object like a window)

But I have already seen people saying that the mesh is very not optimized when you do that. So my question is, how could I optimize my mesh in that case?

I have already been thinking of just deleting the faces that the player is not able to see (like the other side of a prop door), but I’m 100% sure that this is not enough. Any help would be highly appreciated!

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Deleting geometry the player cannot see is a very good first step and honestly the majority of the work already. Something else you may also be interested in is ‘merging’ faces and vertices in places where they do not add much detail. You will need to use a software like Blender for this however so I will give you some tips.

I have optimized models before by exporting a Roblox model to optimize it in Blender. And honestly, it is a painstaking process. For complex models I personally prefer using the exported model as a reference in Blender and re-creating it as a new mesh in Blender instead.

However, if you do want to optimize your original model there are a couple useful tools that Blender offers to help optimize meshes. While in Edit mode, there is a tab called ‘Clean Up’ at the bottom of the ‘Mesh’ drop-down menu. You can find some useful tools in there.

  • The first useful option is ‘Merge by distance’, which will merge vertices by how close they are to each other. If your Roblox model has touching parts, there is a good chance they have a lot of overlapping vertices. This will merge those and simplify the mesh.
  • Another option that might be useful is ‘Limited Dissolve’. It will get rid of redundant edges/geometry as you can see in the image below. (left is before, right is after)

I would recommend looking up what the other options in that menu do so you can find the ones that may help you in cleaning up your Roblox model. In certain cases you may also be interested in using ‘modifiers’ (you can Google this if you do not know what modifiers are). Two modifiers that may or may not be useful are:

  • Decimate: This modifier will merge faces and vertices based on some criteria. In your case you will probably want to decimate your mesh using the ‘Planar’ option to merge adjacent faces based on the angle between them. (Note that you should first clean up your mesh first for a better result)
  • Remesh: In most cases this modifier will not be useful, but it will re-create your mesh by generating a new one that takes up the same volume. If you have, for example, an exported model of a piece of terrain this could be of use.

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