How to override default tool animations

Hey there!

I’m trying to make a shield that has a custom put away, and holding animation.

I’ve seen other posts on the dev forum about things similar to this however they are all too hard for me to follow along with. On top of that i’m doing this with roblox’s build in animation editor so I couldn’t use any moon animator tutorials.

(I forgot to include this when I first posted this but I do have animations created and exported to roblox.)

How can I go about this? Any bit of help is appreciated!

Do you have the animation, or do you need a tutorial how to use the animation editor and make it?

I already have the animations created and exported to roblox, I now just need to know how to actually make use of them.

First, you have to get the animation id. Do that by going to your item in the Roblox marketplace. Once you do that look at the address bar and copy the numbers
(Obviously don’t use the numbers in the picture, use the ones in your id)

Then you will add an “Animation” to the shield, and put a script in that plays the animation when clicked.

Thanks, this really helped me with my problem!

The shield is now working with the new animation! :grinning:

Your welcome! Mark my reply as the solution so people know that your post is solved.

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Here’s a simple script you can use to change all animations of a tool. This can be used to switch between different poses/animations
local tool = script.Parent
local animation =“Animation”)
animation.Name = “idle”
animation.AnimationId = “rbxassetid://animationid”

local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local char = player.Character or player.CharacterAdded:Wait()

local animtrack = char.Humanoid:LoadAnimation(animation)

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