How To Pan Different Instruments


How should I pan my instruments when mixing a instrumental in order to make it sound good?

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Panning my instruments has been a challenge, and the information I come across is kind of unclear, and confusing, basically I'm wondering if their is a exact method when it comes to panning your instruments and if their is, then how do you apply it?

What is your DAW? In Logic Pro X, there is a setting that can be instantly managed to set its panning. Negative values for left, positive values for right. Maybe if you have a direction mixer, that might help?


I use BandLab,and it does the direction mixer automatically set the pan or is it manual?

By default it is set to 0, it looks like the DAW is missing the knob to panning. Your alternative is to move to automation and set the panning from there instead.

Also, if it’s a mono audio, you’re going to face issue if the output is mono. If you can put it on stereo mode, then proceed with that.

I know that but I’m just wondering how should I correctly pan my instruments to make them sound good

Ah, for panning the instrument in an artistic way is very ambiguous about what to achieve. It really depends. Here’s an example of a symphonic orchestra:

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