How to perfectly import a model from blender to Roblox?


I made a basic model in blender (for testing purpose) and imported in Studio.
The issue is that the collisions for the object is pretty bad. I expect the Player to just stop at the railings but the Player actually makes a smooth walk to the top of the railing.
How is that possible as the Player isn’t actually walking in air??

VIDEO OF THE ISSUE :film_projector:


I tried making all the parts in the object to be seperate (not grouped) in blender. But still it doesn’t make them seperate parts. But still it gets imported as a single object and then the issue repeats.

For those who want to inspect the file, here it is!
.blend file
Cannon Climb.blend (1015.1 KB)
.obj file
Cannon Climb.obj (190.6 KB)

Please help me fix this issue!

If possible, also please enlighten me on how to import multiple objects seperately from a single .blend file.

Thanks in advance.

I believe your issue can be fixed by changing the collision fidelity inside the properties menu. There are a few options, like box, but going with persise should fix the issue.

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As @Reditect suggested you will want to choose PreciseConvexDecomposition under the properties tab of your mesh:

And please credit @Reditect with the solution, I just wanted to show the screen cap for clarification.

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Thanks a lot @Reditect , I have been banging my head so many times on how to fix this!
Looks like i have to mess around with more properties to make a better game!
Anyways thanks a lot.

Also i thank @RMofSBI , for explaining me with the image!!

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I will take a closer look at the files when i get to my computer shortly.

Edit: Why not just recreate this object, it takes two seconds and won’t have any collision issues? Is it supposed to have no texture?

This object was just a trial to check the imports. The actual model is complex and cannot be made in Roblox.

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With that being said, each object will have different collision fidelity depending on how roblox engine determines its shape.

Edit: i remade your model real quick (mine is the one im standing on) and even with regular parts you will see some of this effect:

And yes i can smoothly walk up the railing like its a ladder… its low enough to the ground for me to do that.

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Hmmm. Thanks for your clarification.

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By the way did you find out why the blender file is so huge?

Im not that experienced in blender, just the basics, but from what i see it looks to be large in size physically… when it imports into roblox anyway, it shrinks it down.

Im reading that ONE Blender unit = 100 Roblox studs.

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Oh. Thanks. Will try to make it was much less size, cuz roblox has limit for verts.

Edit : That conversion is so huge!

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