How to permanently set grip position?

I want to permanently set the grip position for a tool with a script. When I try to change the tool’s grip in Backpack it reverts back to the original when I take it out in workspace, and vise versa.

The only things that save when crossing between Backpack and Workspace are the names and sizes I set with a script, but not the grip position. The reason I’m changing the grip position is so that it can fit my character when I scale myself down.

For now instead of changing the grip directly I clone a script into the tools in my backpack that adjusts the grip when Equipped. But this seems inefficient and I want a more simple direct way to change the grip with a script instead of cloning another script.

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to my knowledge your solution seems to be the only one right now, i agree that it sucks but there’s not much that can be done about it
i could be wrong though so do look out for other replies

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Well my script was working until now, this method sucks lol. This is the script I insert into the tool while its in my backpack, trying to move the current grip closer to my character (I scaled myself down 0.1), nothing happens tho.:
local CFramePos = script.Parent.Grip.Position * 0.1

local CFrameRot = script.Parent.Grip.Rotation



script.Parent.Grip = * CFrameRot	


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