How To Pick-Up A Item With Clicking The E Button

Hi i need help for my game…

---------------------------------------------help me with this-----------------------------------
if i see that tool/item there will come a gui with a “E” Letter (as a button) and if i click on it i will get that item.
how to do this pls say

  • if i click it i will get but only one time i can getv (tool/item)
  • it needs to stay there everytime, like not 1 people can get it, everyone can get it 1 time (tool/item)

i know i cant tell so good but if you understand pls help me , if you dont undertsand me i can tell you more about it


You should use UserInputService to detect if the player pressed E:

Or watch a tutorial on YouTube.

You will have to modify this, but it is a start.
I hope this helped!

(Edit: this post is old, use proximity prompts instead now!)


I have a script for this that I’ll happily give to you, DM me for details

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oh thank you so much! from where i can dm you?

thx it helped alot, im happy that there are people that loves helping people !

Just gonna dm you details this was more of a way to check if you were interrested

can you tell me the details now then? do you have time for it?

Thats easier than you would think luckily, in his code theres most likely a line that says Object:Destroy() which means the part or model gets destroyed so its simply a matter of removing that line, if you want it to people cant spam it and pick it up you have to add a debounce which gets a little more complicated but not a lot, wrote you a message on here btw

thx i needed this, your amazing

how to add a debounce? also thx for sayng to remove the destroy line, but the debounce? how to do that