How to play a sound for a specific player from a server script?

Ok so I have a server script that detects payment of a gamepass and I want to play a sound when the puchase is done, but only for that player , not for the whole lobby. How would I do this?

LocalScript. You just call FireClient() and tell the client to play that sound. Alternatively, you can also use FireAllClients() to play it on all clients, or disable SoundService.RespectFilteringEnabled so local sounds are replicated to all clients automatically (Note, altrough FE is forced on, i don’t recommend this since i am unsure if clients can play ANY sound they want or only sounds already loaded in the game can be played and replicated to all clients, so best use RemoteEvent driven approach unless you REALLY REALLY need to disable that option).

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Great thanks, I’ll use the remote event i think

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