How to play an animation inside the studio editor?

Hello, today i have been trying to create a plugin which could help certain users (who follows a certain tower defense game tutorial), i wanted to add an animation section the issue is that from what i have previously attempted, i cannot play animations from the humanoid like in game. So if anyone know how could i do that it would be great.

(on the other side, im still doing the gui so a bit of feedback would be nice)


I’m pretty sure you can’t play animations that you don’t own/didn’t make.

I don’t think you understood what i meant…
(I did make the animation tho)

I meant play the animation in the editor/studio idk how to say it!! not while playing!!!

I don’t know the solution, but I’m pretty sure like I said other people won’t be able to use this plugin because it uses animations. You can use them because you made and own them.

it’s a plugin that just helps people set up values from a certain tutorial easily
(im creating it)

i added an animation section which can load the animations objects inside some stuff which can them be played to have a preview incase of those persons are too lazy to open the animation editor for some reasons

so they probably made those anims already by themselves