How to Play Moon Animator Animations in Game

So ive been thinking of making an animation between two rigs for a sort of in game cutscene where these characters interact with eachother, but the default animator in the game only allows you to animate one rig at a time. Ive searched around and almost every article says to use Moon Animation Suite to animate multiple rigs at once. But how do I export these Moon Animator animations and play them in my game? And if i cant, how would I animate multiple rigs in the default animator instead?

When I export the animation I get this:

You can ignore “fghsfd” I was too lazy to give the animation an actual name :sweat_smile:


To export it simply click on the animation (in your case fghsfd_Dummy) and click “Save to File” or “Save to Roblox”. Then the save animation menu will pop up and here you can save your animation.

Sorry for the reply 21 days later :sweat_smile:


This is life-saving, thanks mate!