How to play sound on event (moon plugin)

i had a recent question different but about animation sound and i was wondering how to play animations and hav effects like a screen cover appear and disapear with moon animtor for a in game movie / cutscene

im not entirely sure to how moon animator works but ive set up an animations and the sounds i want to play ill put an image down bellow

ive been looking on the forums and tried a few scripts out but none work

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I’m not sure how that plugin works, but there should be an option somewhere to add a Marker to an animation.

Basically, markers are triggers in animations that fire when they’re reached. You can listen to them using GetMarkerReachedSignal from an AnimationTrack.

A marker has 2 properties. A name and an optional value.
When GetMarkerReachedSignal’s event fires, you’ll get those 2 properties passed back. You could simply make a marker that triggers the sound you want to play.

yeah ive tried that and i found out these (below) are markers and this gui pops up when i press 7 when selecting it but the script doesnt work

Doesn’t look like normal animation markers to me. I’m not experienced with that plugin so I can’t say much more.

Don’t mean to bump but I think where you’re wanting to look into is the “KF Markers” section, I’m not entirely sure on it but that might give you what you’re searching for.