How to pose character models?

Hi, I am making statues for my game and I was trying to pose the dummies, but the body parts don’t respect each other and they just move independently. Then, I tried using the Animation Editor which does respect the different body parts but the pose does not save when you exit it and you can’t copy and paste it either. How should I pose my character? Maybe with a plugin?

I am using R15 btw for my models

When I made statues I posed the body parts with the move and rotate tool then I exported the model and reimported it then deleted the textures and made the material slate

The thing is the move and rotate tools don’t move the other body parts along with it. For example, if you move the torso the head doesn’t move along with it so it is quite time consuming and may not look as good. I am using R15 but it is more easier with R6, which I don’t want to use.

Do you have the both selected?

robloxapp-20210407-0920172.wmv (3.2 MB)

I sent a video of my problem, I’m making a pose where the player is smashing the ground with a sword and it is rather difficult with normal Roblox rotation and move tools. As you can see when I rotate my arm it is not connected to the shoulder

I would prefer exporting the model into blender and then once you’re done export it out back into studio’s? or though i never done it myself I’m just thinkin… :thinking:

You should use Moon Animator to pose your dummies. After finishing your pose, anchor your dummy before you exit out of the plugin.

We used to be able to do this with the normal Roblox animator but I think they patched it or something? I could be wrong.

The trick is, you just gotta anchor your dummy before exiting out of the animator.

Moon animator may be a bit confusing at first so you should watch a simple tutorial about it if you’re having trouble.


Hi! I have a solution that usually works for me.

Download the moon animator plugin. If you publish the game to studio while the plugin is still open and you’ve posed the character. Roblox will save the pose. Also, if your animating, also close moon before you publish, or that pose will save too, and mess up your animation.