How to prevent and react to stolen models?

It would prevent them from buying any more items. Maybe try reporting them if you know who they are and put like selling items for robux and usd since selling for usd is illegal in roblox


Some anti exploits have virus or don’t even work, you can try Anti Dex Scripts which exploiters mainly use it to download the whole game and assets. I found a video that might help you, if your interested you can try it out. ROBLOX BEST ANTI-EXPLOIT[ANTI-DEX, ANTI-LOADSTRING, ANTI-KICK BYPASS,ANTI-INFJUMP N MORE] - YouTube


I would just find the source of the exploiters and either report them to roblox or ban them from your game.


We kind of know one source of exploiters, but we don’t exactly know how to stop them, especially from making alts joining the game via that method. It doesn’t stop the other opportunists from performing the same routines, either…

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I’ll have a look at this when I’m home, thank you!

Not sure if it has already been said here, but if you uploaded each asset as a mesh part and still have their files handy, archive each stolen asset and reupload them.

This will not stop asset theft, but it will discourage the purchase of them.

This has happened to me many times before, and the best way to react is to take it with a level head.


Oh, I never thought of that. It’ll be a bit tedious to pull off, but it is worth a shot. In theory this should affect 3rd party selling websites as well, right?

This will affect any file which uses the meshpart ID.

Best of luck.

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This same exact thing happened to me. An exploiter stole a few copies of the entire map of a few of my games and posted them on the Roblox library. I emailed Roblox about it and they told me the exact same thing they told you. Strangely, the account that was selling the models was terminated shortly after I emailed Roblox, but the models were never taken down.

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Yeah… I’m not sure if models can truly be deleted. From what I can tell the best that can be done is their archival.

Maybe try using ServerStorage? I hear that is all server stuff and access it only through RemoteEvents/RemoteFunctions?? Maybe give that a go.

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Hard part is, a lot of the client UI requires the assets to be in ReplicatedStorage (Previewing ships via viewports), plus a lot of the models have to be loaded in anyways to be used in-game.

I believe you can use RemoteFunction to grab the model you want through the name, and returning it to the client- then using :Clone() to make your own unique copy in the client. This way they cannot steal all of your models.

Hmm, I would suggest that you IP Ban them as that will prevent any alts or other accounts from exploiting, you should send roblox an Email requesting them to IP ban the source.

I know several games that have managed to create a ‘Player:Kick’ function whenever it detects an external injection from an executor. For instance, the game: New User Machine - Roblox. I am not certain of this, I have only heard it from various sources, but if it is in fact true, you could probably manage to make some form of intense AC that will defend your game. However, if there really isn’t a way to detect external injections from an executor, there are many videos on YouTube that cover topics like this. Some aren’t those little kitty AC’s but actually some very advanced one’s. I recommend checking them out.

Hi, I must say that I don’t really agree. A lot of the people that are experienced with copying models just re-uploaded meshes.
I don’t want this to be a step by step explanation of how to steal games, but I now understand the process of how they do it.
They for one, re-upload important meshes and two, do something (that I am not gonna reveal so people don’t copy this method) do something so the game, even if it gets reported won’t be taken down.

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That also won’t really work, if people inject the external software while the game is loading, they don’t get kicked.

Your reasoning is sound.
With this, it’s important to acknowledge that many of the people who do receive these assets don’t do much with them.

Looking at OP’s game, it is successful enough that many likely already recognize the assets. Should his meshes be in a different game, the legitimate creators will be obvious (combined with the common hostility towards bootleg games, it probably wont take off).

Unfortunately, this situation is not likely to occur for smaller developers.
Something has to change for sure.

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Not sure how that’s gonna stop anything since it’s not tied to an asset ID, they re-upload it as their own.

Try converting your assets into packages, or specifically reserve the right to configure them only for yourself and the other developers. Once exploiters try to steal your assets or even republish your game, they will come across this error:
Credit to @rockfarted for the image.