Continuing the discussion from [How to prevent and react to stolen models?]

Continuing the discussion from How to prevent and react to stolen models?

I fully understood that stealing (or any kind of script kiddies) is unavoidable however.

But I would like to know if This part is true :

@OmegaInvictissimus says :

This same exact thing happened to me. An exploiter stole a few copies of the entire map of a few of my games and posted them on the Roblox library. I emailed Roblox about it and they told me the exact same thing they told you. Strangely, the account that was selling the models was terminated shortly after I emailed Roblox, but the models were never taken down.

"But the models were never taken down":no_mouth:

Because if this is true, it does not correlate with the Protection of copyrights which is however stipulated in the Rules.

I understand that once the object is made public, it’s like a chain reaction. But that’s not a valid reason.

Do you have any confirmation about that from your side ?

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One problem i have is Roblox is about acc theft

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Account, Avatar accessory, Accessory like models or others ?

Everything e.g My acc got hacked and the person took all my hard earn robux and bouhgt other stuff from shops and whats funny is that when i log back on i dont own it

If you haven’t had any data leaks, contact them for help. I think there is always help support. Do not hesitate to force a little by sending several times e-mails and describe Absolutely everything in detail. With a bit of luck. :crossed_fingers:

I would never post false information here, and of course I have confirmation/evidence. I will show you here.

This model was leaked in 2020 from my game here.
This model was leaked at the same time from this game which got put “under review” and never fixed for some reason. As you can see, the account that uploaded these models was terminated, but they never actually took the models themselves down.
Here’s one from 2012 that was leaked/stolen from one of my old friend’s games which he has since taken down.