How to prevent blurry images on Xbox?

I made a Menu gui specifically for xbox.
It has a 420x420 ImageLabel that has a 420x420 image on it.

It looks great on PC but when I run it on xbox the image is squished worse than tabletmode!
Is it possible to prevent this? I mean, why is xbox worse than a tablet?

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You would have to make several images with different resolutions. But since this is XBox specific, you may want to experiment more with the resolution.


How? By not expecting a 420x420 image to fit well on 1980x1080 resolution, on a probably giant television screen of around 10in x 8in. Create your image bigger. Who knows, it’d probably even increase the quality on a PC.

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I think you miss understood the problem:

The ImageLabel is (0, 420, 0, 420) in size.
The image png is also 420x420 in size.

There should be no stretching at all for any reason.

He did not say that your image is stretched, he’s saying that the resolution should be higher.

Due to how roblox scales gui objects, the image will be stretched on Xbox because the ui elements have to scaled to ratio.

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My best guess is that the DPI isn’t what you expected it to be. I’ve heard of this happening on Retina displays, which are crazy high-resolution. If you put a 420x420px square on a 1080p display, it’s going to be awfully small, so ROBLOX and Windows in general scale layouts if the DPI is set to anything but 72dpi in order to make stuff visible without squinting or manually zooming.