How to prevent camera going through parts

I’m making an old roblox simulator and the player camera is going through parts as soon as i set the CameraSubject to the player’s head. Here’s what it looks like:

If anyone could help i would really appreciate it.


if its just the floor, then make the floor thicker

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That didnt help :(. The same thing happened.


(bro chars limit is so annoying its makes it so hard)


We need more info. Is this the default Roblox camera script? If not, what is the code?

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its the old default roblox script

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Okay. It works when you set the subject to the humanoid, right?

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yeah, when i set the subject to the humanoid it works.

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So, what is the issue with making the camera offset higher?

well, the humanoid and head are at the same level. the thing is that if you are for example in an animation when the head is the camerasubject, the camera follows the head, just like old roblox. and im making an old roblox simulator where its supposed to be accurate enough for people to actually feel like they’re playing old roblox.

You could just attach an invisible part to the head, and make that part the camera subject.
If you use a constraint to attach it, it will update the connected part’s position to the head position when animating.

the camera still moves through parts and objects.

I see. Have you tried adding “Head” to VALID_SUBJECTS in the PopperCam script?

no i haven’t. this fixed the problem though so thx!

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