How to prevent certain GUI objects to reset on spawn?

Let me explain what I want with an example:

There is a GUI object which consists of Frame1 and Frame2. The GUI object is set to reset on spawn. I don’t want Frame1 to reset but I want Frame2 to. Also, I can’t move Frame1 to another GUI object which does not reset on spawn.

What do I do?

Why do they need to reset on respawn?
Maybe a solution can be found where they don’t need to be?
Generally you should have code that updates the state of the UI instead of relying on some reset mechanic.

What I am trying to do is to do the thing I asked above without remaking the entire infrastructure. However, I guess there is no way around so I’ll just stop being lazy.

But if there is a way around, I still would like to now :wink:

You should turn off the reset property, and write code to reset frame 1 on LocalPlayer.CharacterAdded.


Yeah I’ll just do that