How to prevent exploiters from teleporting with other players?


How would I go about preventing the exploit shown below? (recorded by a player in my game)

I wouldn’t care as much if it didn’t teleport other players with the exploiter, as it’ll just respawn them due to not being in the match up. However, they’ve been reporting that they can teleport other players out of the map as well.

I’m not entirely sure how they’ve been able to “bypass” the filtering to achieve this.


Similar questions like this have been asked on the devforum. The reason why exploiters have the ability to do this is from a backdoor / virus in your game, that allows exploiter(s) to do weird stuff like this, and get past filtering enabled. The way to stop this is check to see if any instances in your game have weird symbols, or if the name of the object is nil. Also please check your plug-ins, and uninstall them one by one until the issue is resolved. It could be free models in your game doing this. It could be because of the admin-commands service you use (if any). Also make sure your game does not have free model ‘anti-exploit’ services like AV-Protect, or RO-Lock, or anything of that sort. Once your issue is resolved, consider adding your own anti-exploit service /
exploit detection system (if needed / wanted).

In case you need help with an anti-exploit system, you can use an anti-noclip /
anti teleport service that I have here: Any Thoughts on my Anti Noclip Raycast?

Forgot to mention, please also see if your game has any scripts in it that use: ‘require(AssetID)’ that might require a suspicious Module in the game.

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Not really.
There are FE Admins that mainly rely on the usage of tools to teleport other players. If you’d like some proof I can send it to you in DMs.


Send me proof please.

30Characters minimum

Another good answer to prevent exploiting is below me!


First step is using this:

Whenever you have an exploit problem, try to get rid of any shady plugins and run this certified plugin.

When that doesn’t work, it’s time to closely analyze your code. See if any of your RemoteEvents can be abused somehow. Remember to never trust the client.

Unfortunately, this is all I can help you with right now. I hope you can find and eliminate the thing giving you problems!


The game is backdoor free, I’ve went through it several times before and haven’t added any free models to the game at all, or if I have then I’ve verified them prior.

The closest thing I have to admin in the game is cmdr, and even then there’s no command that can be exploited to cause the problem mentioned above.

No plugins are causing this, verified that as well, and all remote events were checked as well.

Someone proposed that they may be welding to players locally and it somehow replicates over to the server, but Idk if that’s plausible.

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Have you seen my DM? It contains information that might be helpful.

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This exploit have been encountered outside of this game too. There was one pesky exploiter in Electric State DarkRP who actually teleported into my character which then somehow managed to teleport me out of the world.

There should be an exploit report soon about it.


What would be causing the exploiter to teleport players then? Maybe its a possibility that a remote could be exploited in your game. Or maybe something on roblox’s end.


So the way this ends up working most of the time is the fact that the character has access to a tool on the client side if I am correct they end up deleting their humanoid after equipping the tool and remaking the humanoid which puts the tool in workspace but it is still welded to their hand and then they teleport to someone and get the other player to pick up the tool then they teleport somewhere close to the void some checks on players positions on the sever should be all you need. Unless if I misunderstand this completely.
Server checking basic positions and that sort of stuff ends up being a very nice idea all though you will have to change some of the code that you have teleportation players to fire a bindable event instead as the anti teleport script will probably end up detecting anything just calculating the distance of a player over time is more then enough to stop teleporting exploiters all though players with high ping will sometimes trigger the server. So you need to keep that in mind whilst making this.


There’s 0 tools (that require a handle/create a tool grip) in the game atm, only spectate.

I’ll try having the server check for large position changes as well.


My guess is that the exploiter is throwing itself with a high velocity (can also be rotation) towards players to make them fling.


To prevent people exploiting into the wrestling ring you could make a region3 which is located in that area and constantly check which players are inside of it. Like if the players that are fighting in the ring are Player1 and Player2 but the region3 detects another player called Player3 in the ring then you could teleport the player outside

And @DragRacer31 exploiters can teleport to other players without the need of having a backdoor. They have character ownership. They can do whatever they want to it, change its speed, jump power etc… By the way if the exploiter had server access through a backdoor I doubt that he would only teleport to different players with it.


I know exploiters can do it without a backdoor. What I meant is exploiters can teleport other player(s) on the server, WITH A BACKDOOR .


Perhaps you could locally set the velocity of other clients from each client to zero, so that they wouldn’t be affected by someone flinging their character at them with this method.


Another method is make it so locally players not in the round can not collide with players in the round.

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Oh, alright pardon me then. Thought you meant something else.

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I’ve heard that exploiters can achieve results like teleporting players by using the physics of their Character. They rapidly teleport into your character to send you flying or push you off cliffs ext.

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