How to prevent messages from being sent?

So, an overview of what’s happening is that when my game recently got endorsed, I seem to find a lot of scam botters constantly joining servers trying to advertise a scam site. I simply want to make it so I can prevent younger audiences from being exposed to scammers, I thought of kicking them when the exact scam message has been sent but it will still go through. How would I approach the messages from being sent?

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You could go into the chat module and set some code words that would prevent the message from going through, then put the updated module into StarterPlayerScripts.

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I am personally not aware of a way to remove messages from chat (I’m sure there is a way) but the easiest way to prevent this is making a captcha/human verification UI so that disables the chat core UI until the player/bot clicks a button.

To hide this (if you think players won’t like it) just hide the chat core UI until the player clicks the start button. Assuming you have a menu.

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I’m pretty sure someone created a module just for this, you can customize it to your likings:


Can you go more in depth of this? I usually have a hard time understanding things.

3rdhoan123’s reply seems easy to understand. If you’re asking about mine, you can take a copy of the chat module and edit it to your liking. I’m not exactly sure where you would put the function to get rid of scam messages because I haven’t looked through it before. If you’re looking for an easier solution, look above as I said!

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