How to prevent my developers from copying and redistributing a library of modules?

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    I’m currently building a library of modules that are meant to make the production of future games much faster and easier. So instead of having to write a pets system from scratch for future games, I can just use that library and get it done much faster. I want to make it so the future developers I hire can’t steal that library of modules from the team create project in Roblox Studio as I consider this library of modules a competitive advantage (as it allows my studio to create games faster).

  2. What is the issue?
    The issue is that I don’t know how to prevent (or make it hard) my future developers from being able to steal that library of modules.

  3. What solutions have you tried so far?
    The only possible (but maybe not really) solutions I can think of are to get my developers to use a modded version of Roblox Studio that hides the modules at all times (even at runtime) or the more probable solution is to make a plugin that supplies the library of modules and then somehow hides them all the time (hides from the explorer or puts them somewhere hard to find).


You can make it a package and in permissions add those users

The developer will have access to the latest version and will have the code, also I don’t know if chrome plugins like BTRoblox can download them if they are added.

I think it’s unnecessary, the user could look in the files of the Studio itself and maybe find the scripts.

The goal is to prevent my developers from having access to the code of the modules and yet still be able to use them.

Then don’t share it. If you want others to use your module, the code needs to be public. If you truly don’t want leaking, you could enforce confidentiality via an NDA, but that seems too extreme.


So there’s no absolute way of doing this. In order to use the code from a module script you have to have that code somewhere. The best place to have it is in your studio so it loads locally and you don’t have to require it at runtime. So your best bet is just to not give developers map access and have you do everything yourself, like putting their models or scripts in the game, so that they never have the chance to see the modules.

“If you want others to use your module, the code needs to be public.”
Isn’t there some way for my developers to use the functions without having access to the code itself?