How to prevent obscene player-created drawings


I was recently coming up with ideas for a game, and an idea I considered involved players creating drawings, similar to games like Copyrighted Artists, Free Draw 2, etc. I realized that the drawings created by players could be made obscene by a player, and other players of the game would see it. Is there any way that I can efficiently moderate the drawings before showing them to other players? Other games seem to have flagging systems, and simple warnings in the game description about following TOS. Is this all that is necessary? Is there are any official documentation regarding this type of thing?

I’d love to know!

On roblox, that is nearly impossible as far as i know.
Its better to just add a reporting and banning system, or a kicking system to your game. Its much easier that checking and moderating drawings.

I believe you could hook up a bot that could do this out of platform but as for now on ROBLOX, this is almost impossible and I doubt even the best of scripters could accomplish this.

I was thinking about this, and I am wondering why roblox hasn’t released an API endpoint with their auto-mod. This could allow us to mod images made by players

to complicated and might crash the system, imagine a game where every drawn part and all the parts near it would have to combine to make a single image and they would have to be moderated.

That is true, however I believe they could limit the HTTP post rate considering that many images are uploaded at roblox every day and they can handle it. One problem is the delay however since these tend to be moderated around 12h after their post

Images made by players cannot be converted to a PNG or anything, so they would have to create some sort of API in studio for that and then make the endpoint public, which would allow it to be botted like crazy

So what I’m noticing is that there is no practical way to handle this. I had assumed there wouldn’t be, as Roblox has nearly zero image processing capability. My main concern is moderation. I want to make sure that my account is not liable for punishment as a result of player-made drawings (obscene or not). Is there any information about this. Like have any drawing games been moderated in the past setting a precident?

No way! That would take way too long!

I believe this should be in #development-discussion now. That would be a very interesting topic to discuss.

and I’m going to moderate the “drawings” of the tire marks the car in my game makes

Anyways, I don’t think so. But you can be the 2nd achiever to read the whole Roblox TOS and see if there’s anything in there.

You could actually (maybe) moderate this. Let’s say using discord. You could convert the drawing into a x*x size grid, each pixel on this grid would be the average colour of all the parts in the respective location on the actual drawing. You could send it to Discord and have staff moderate it there: (bad illustration but you get the point)

(res would obv be lower for performance)

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