How to prevent overlap with Transparent parts?

This is a lens object in my game. A sine based sequence of parts with 1 variable: depth

Problem is these render intersections between the parts in the sequence. Note that I cannot use union as it’s a light simulation and raycast’s normal and the glass part’s orientation is a needed property for the simulation.

Are there any other methods to prevent this issue without using unions?

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If you use a meshpart that does not have faces on the sides touching the other parts, it solves the issue.


On the right side, you can see regular parts, and it has the overlap. On the left, I used a meshpart, which looks like this in blender:


In order to prevent having a weird effect and seeing the inside, the normals face outwards. I am not sure if you are familiar with how that works, but essentially faces are one-sided, and are invisible from certain angles.


The blue is what you would see from the same angle in roblox (or with backface culling enabled in blender), and the red will be transparent, as shown below


Here is a .rbxm of the mesh I created, hopefully this helps!

4 sided cube.rbxm (3.0 KB)

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