How to prevent the player from looking behind himself?

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Roblox did something that players can’t look up or down more than their character. this prevents players from exceeding their body limit.

How can I make the same for left and right? I don’t want the players to look behind/back.
I want the camera rotation to stop at their arms and keep the camera from rotating beyond their arms.

Well, the first problem is that players don’t look behind their arms. Their entire bodies rotate to aim towards the mouse.

So you’d either have to figure out a way to come up with a constant “forward” direction (that depends on your game) or you’d need to edit the camera scripts to not rotate the character.

How would you like to define “this is the direction that the player is facing”? Should it be the last moved-in direction?

I think there is a camera type that makes the camera is locked into the forward position

Hi, nicemike40
I already disabled that.

Hi cast, do you know what is it called?

No just look through the camera types but you could just make the camera scriptable and do it yourself

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