How to prevent unequiping tool

So I am trying to make it so that the player has three tools and is able to switch between them but isn’t able to have nothing equiped. I made a force equip script a while back, but with that active the player isn’t able to switch between weapons anymore. Does anyone know how I can force equip tools on players but also allow them to switch from tool?

Thanks in advance!

If you want to let him equip the tool you can use :

Try running this code inside a Local Script:

this will disable the tool core GUI and make it disappear, but it’s also gonna stop players from unequipping the tool held.

for switching tools, you’ll need to make an Enum.KeyCode function with a Humanoid:EquipTool() inside it.
obviously, you’ll be using Enum.KeyCode.One , Enum.KeyCode.Two and Enum.KeyCode.Three