How to prevent vehicles from flinging other vehicles?

I am working on the vehicles for my game. I thought the system was done, then while a friend and I were testing we discovered you can fling ships around by flying into them with planes (as shown below).
Does anyone happen to know what may be the cause of this, or has had this problem before? Both the plane and the ship use body movers for their movement.

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This just Roblox Physics. You could maybe fix it a bit by cranking up the weight of the ship. Your best bet though is changing the movement of the ship from bodymovers to Anchoring all of it’s parts and just updating it’s CFrame frame by frame, or every few frames.


What is the Mass of the ship compared to the mass of the plane? I’d suggest making most of the plane’s Parts Massless and increasing the Density of the ship’s Parts to a large value like @Pr0pelled recommended.
Increasing the Force of the BodyMovers for the ship and decrease them for the plane would help too.
If there are Players on the ship then having it move with CFrame would affect how the Players react to that movement.