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I am trying to offset the positions of the 2nd part of a motor6d by -1 stud in the local y direction of the 1st part of the motor6d. I am also trying change its angle by -90 degrees in the x degree.

If you have any idea on what it could be please tell me

RightGrip is the motor6d and RightArm is Part0
Handle is Part1

local RightGrip = RightArm:WaitForChild("RightGrip")
Handle.CFrame = RightArm.CFrame:ToObjectSpace(,1,0)) --(RightArm.CFrame - RightArm.CFrame.upVector*1) * CFrame.Angles(rad(-90),0,0)
RightGrip.Part0 = RightArm
RightGrip.Part1 = Handle
RightGrip.C0 = RightArm.CFrame:Inverse()
RightGrip.C1 = Handle.CFrame:Inverse()

I have tried using ToObjectSpace. I have tried to use C0. I have tried using C1.
Things I have been told before:

  • Set your offset as C0 – C0 does not work for every gun. I have tweaked it before and it worked but not for every gun which is a major problem.
  • Use C1

I have used this method as well and has worked on another weapon but not this one.

Handle.CFrame = (RightArm.CFrame - RightArm.CFrame.upVector*1) * CFrame.Angles(rad(-90),0,0)

This is what happens with this code:

Handle.CFrame = (RightArm.CFrame - RightArm.CFrame.upVector*1) * CFrame.Angles(rad(-90),0,0)

Facing forward:

Facing Right:

Facing Left:

Facing backwards:

Facing upwards:

Facing Downwards:

Every time I re equip the gun and face a different direction it changes.
I have made an fps engine with arms that only show on the client and follow the camera.

I have made multiple posts and asked this on discord and have had no luck for 2 days.
I thought this had a very simple answer but apparently not.
This does not use tools for the client model showing on the fps arms.
Using C0 does not work for other guns.

If you could atleast give me a suggestion on what to do that would mean a lot too me thx. :+1:
If anything doesn’t make sense to you tell me and I can explain.

Fixed it. Just had to edit the motor6d in the edit joint plugin. took 2 days to figure that out