How to prioritize some of the assets in preloading

So i have a loading screen in my game which has a really cool image on the background, but most of the time this image only gets loaded after all of the other assets, which looks really dumb xd please help

so all i need is for that background image to get loaded as soon as possible, before anything else

You can load the image instantly after the player joins the game. E.g.:

    local LS = script.LoadingScreen:Clone()
    LS.Parent = plr.PlayerGui

Are you adding the GUI in a local script in ReplicatedFirst or is it in StarterGui?
Preload the assets via a local script inside the ‘ReplicatedFirst’ container.

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A loading screen should be handled under ReplicatedFirst. Its purpose is actually exactly what you need, it solves the common problem of wanting something to replicate as the first thing in the game, like a loading screen (possibly replacing the Roblox one). The wiki contains enough info to know how to do this, this page concerning the ReplicatedFirst:RemoveDefaultLoadingScreen() method which you need yourself, and which is supposed to be from within a script inside of ReplicatedFirst, has a useful code example of a custom loading screen.

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You should put the loading screen in the ReplicatedFirst object. ReplicatedFirst, as suggested by the name, replicates the objects inside first before anything else.

yep replicated first pretty much works, all i had to do is just move it from it to the player’s gui at the start of the game, so i guess all of the answers are helpful, now how about i give the solution mark to the egg man his skin is cool

althought he has 165 marks already his skin is really good

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