How to proceed with devex

Hello i am an scripter with well over 10.9millon visits contributed and 21k visits, im happy that my second dev-ex request got accepted (First one got denied) i put the same stuff as the first one, my IRL name as im the owner of my account, only thing its that i dont know if i did wrong as im +13 and my mother its gonna get the pay, how should i proceed, just in the convert to money thing i put my data but now i recived the tipalti link, should i now fill the info with her info as she is my guardian?

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All of your information should be your own. Your own account, name, and bank.

Also, adults get (more) taxed.

No, they don’t.

You get taxed based on how much you make, donate, and a variety of other factors, but not your age. Adults don’t get taxed more because of their age, but because they have much more than just income. Taxes are not deducted from your devex from Roblox itself. Roblox will send you a tax form you requested with your devex when the tax season stars and you will have to file it yourself with the provided details.

In their case, they can be labeled as a dependent to their parents. This will likely reduce the amount of taxes they will have to pay.