How to promote game?


I’m not sure if I post on correct category so tell me if it’s ok.

  • I’m about to release my and my friend’s game, but we will need to promote it somewhere. Where should we do this? If you think that texting youtubers is a good way, tell me please which one, biggest youtubers don’t reply even on buisness mails. If social media, do the same thing - which one is the best? Promoting in roblox is the worst way I guess…
  • If you want to see anything connected with game, check this post
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I suggest you to promoting it using Roblox ads, try to make the thumbnail attractive.

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Still spending like 50k robux will make about 100 stable players who will propably leave quiet fast…

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Well, try to gather your friend and tell them to invite their friends to join your game.
It works like a chain that will keep bringing people playing your game.

OR just simply read this:


Use social media platform accounts to build up hype and advertise Roblox ads are just bad to promote on or you can choose Roblox sponsored section which I see developers talking about a lot know. Also try having like weekly events for a surprise like currency in the game or items in the game.