How to PROPERLY customise sounds in A-Chassis

I’m trying to customise the sounds in A-Chassis (Version 6.42S) , by that I mean the pitch. I am not a great scripter, and I’ve no idea where the pitch is actually changed or how, I’ve looked through the sounds scripts and it makes no sense to me.
I’m specifically looking how to change the pitch of the Idle sound, but help with the other sounds would be nice too!
Feel free to ask any questions!


Playbackspeed, or add effects to your sounds as PitchShiftSoundEffect

Thats not what I mean, I’m looking on how to find and edit the script that manages the pitch of the sounds


just get sounds variable and change the property

local Sound = your sound
Sound.PlaybackSpeed = 1 --change

local Sound = your sound
local Effect ="PitchShiftSoundEffect")
Effect.Parent = Sound
--and then change the properties/settings of the pitch effect.

Can you please read people’s messages before trying to help, because it is just wasting our time.

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You just insert a PitchShiftSoundEffect into the sound you’re working with, and you change its properties.

look inside the script, there is a sound and inside of it 2 values, one is for volume the other for pitch