How to properly get your game out there!

Warning: I am on mobile so, autocorrect…

Hello! Welcome to this guide on how you should get your game started, and released!
Today we are going to walk you through all the steps of releasing your game, so sit down, it’s gonna be a long ride!

Thinking of a game idea
In order to release a game, you need to have a game in mind. Be as creative as you can, think of ideas that you have never seen on ROBLOX before! Have an idea? Okay, write that idea down on pen and paper, and expand that idea, putting as much detail as you can put on that paper. Keep that paper.

Hiring developers
Okay, now you have an idea, you need a team of people to help this idea come alive! You can find good developers by:

  • Posting a hiring post on DevForum
  • Going to places like HiddenDevelopers
    Okay, got some developers in mind now? Good, now you need to hire them, firstly, ask them for a portfolio, ask them about what they enjoy doing, what was their best previous project, etc… now, the hardest thing to talk about with them is the pay… Developers won’t work without being paid, and they don’t tend to want percentage, incase the plan fails or doesn’t become a popular game. How you play it is your choice. This brings us into our next section…

Finding Investors
You may need a little boost financially for stuff like:

  • Paying Developers
  • Paying for advertisements
    So, how would I do this? I hear you ask. Well, you would go onto DevForum and make a post, explain how much you need, what percent you want to give back to the investor and what the game is about.

Finishing Up for Publishing
Okay, everything is sorted, you’re ready to publish the game to the world. Oh wait… you need a title. This is going to be the most important thing, without a good title, nobody will recognise your game. Think of a creative title, expand on it a bit, okay now you are ready. You publish the game to the world, but wait! Nobody is playing your game! Now, you need to spend the robux your investor gave you on adverts.

For anything below 10k Robux at a time, run as adverts.
Anything above, run as promoted game.
Of course, you can have a mix.

That’s it, your game is out there.
Thank you for reading this little guide, I hope you found it useful. Critique is gratefully accepted. Bye!


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