How to properly load a game?

I have joined several games where I find myself just sitting there because a lot of meshes, textures, and scripts haven’t loaded in and I don’t want players in my game to have to deal with this issue. Basically, I want to know if there is a way to load in specific regions of my map, and not just models but terrain as well or if there is a better way to handle performance.

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The first solution I would go for, is to add a loading screen, with a skip button


Well, yeah, but after this loading screen, I want to set the players camera in front of a specific area in the map. So I want to load in that area first.

Also, why would I add a skip button? People will use it and then be forced to just sit there. Back to square A.

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Idk, skip button is optional

When i press a skip button, I recognize that the game isnt loaded, so I would happily wait

But thats me

(I dont know how to load in parts faster sorry)

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Doesnt load the entire game, only parts of it. As the player moves, stuff will load and unload.

Provides higher performance.

You can use this to load certain things at a time

Thank you. I will have to check out the article when I am on PC because it’s cutoff on my phone. What was wrong with the last Developer page? We’ll never know.

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