How to proplery report exploitors

Hey guys! I’ve put in time and effort to code weapons and I have this know dev exploiting my game. I’ve messaged him on dev forum, asking him to stop exploiting and he leaves the chat, and complety ingornes me. I have proof of him adminitting to exploiting our game today, and I also have other key people who have had there games exploitlited by this dev. A good example is the game Battles, this was made by @Virvek and for contest days and hours this dev exploited his game.

How can I go about trying to solve the sutition and if worse comes to worse how can I properly report and get him banned.

Any help loved.


The Developer Forum is not a tool for reporting exploiters, scammers, etc. so don’t expect to get someone banned because you are a devforum member. You will need to use the report feature on the main Roblox website.

You can also use Roblox Support and report an exploit.


I don’t think that help category is for reporting a specific person but to report a bug or such that can be exploited, but I will leave it here just in case

Use Report Abuse or Support - Roblox. The forum is not a proxy for reporting users and assets.