How to publish your custom character as a HumanoidDescription

I’ve been looking all around for quite awhile now but there doesn’t seem to be a way to publish custom characters as a bundle or turn a custom character into a HumanoidDescription

Quite frankly I only found how to use Players:GetHumanoidDescriptFromOutfitId() using only robloxs ids

Is there anyway to publish your custom character as a HumanoidDescription?

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Yes, but only if you are talking about making changes such as adding clothes and accessories. For as long as you set the proper properties (body color, accessories, clothes, body scale), you can apply it to anyone. Now, you cannot just upload characters as bundles, that is reserved for Roblox, although you could publish the HumanoidDescription as a model for future use. If you are planning onto making other stuff that doesn’t include accessories, such as in-game vests or packages that don’t already exist (custom meshes), then HumanoidDescription isn’t gonna work for you.

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