How to put a video on the topic?

How do I put a video on my topic to show my model?

You can upload a video file by clicking the upload button
And selecting the video file

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I’m not getting! say the file type is not allowed!

These are the extensions/file types the Devforum allows;

(jpg, jpeg, png, gif, rbxl, rbxm, rbxlx, rbxmx, fbx, obj, html, dmp, txt, mp4, webm, xml, json, mp3, ogg, bmp, tga, blend, 3ds, psd, pdn, svg, wav, ini, gif, lua, gif, pdf, pdf, mov, mov)

If your video/file doesn’t have an extension supported by Devforum, you’ill need to convert is so you will be able to upload.

You can change your file extension manually but that leaves it at risk of being corrupted.

Personally, I use to convert my files to a particular extension.


You can simply upload the video to a media sharing website (Youtube, imgur, gfycat, …) and then paste the link to the media in your post. It will auto-embed. No downloading of special software required.

Side note: I would recommend always installing any software directly from the website that releases the software, and not from software discovery portals like softonic, because you can’t verify whether they added additional surprises into the software such as adware or other kinds of malware.

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