How to put the typed text in a Textbox onto an part?

I want to make a sign that makes a textbox and textbutton appear when you click it. Then, when you type things into the textbox and press the textbutton, whatever you typed will be put onto the sign.

I don’t know how to get what the person typed and put it onto the sign.

Edit: I changed some things around and it ended up working.

I have a model of it here
I’m really new and I don’t know much about scripting, and I found that when you had two of the signs, the text had a possibility of going to the other sign.


Insert a SurfaceGui into the part, add a textLabel, make the size (1,0)(1,0) of the textbox.
Make background transparency 1.

Add a clickDetector to the sign, and when clicked, prompt a textBox that allows the player to add text.
When FocusLost is fired, the text can be placed onto the sign.

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I don’t get how to find what the person typed into the textbox

Hi there! To get what a player inputs into a TextBox, you’d just check what the TextBox’s text is!

For example:

local WhatPlayerTyped = Textbox.Text

When I check the text it doesn’t show anything

May I see the script you are using?

So when I type things in the textbox in studio it changes the text, but in game it doesn’t. Is that what’s supposed to happen

It all depends on where you’d be looking, for further assistance you’d have to display a small snippet of your script.

	if enter then