How to Randomly spawn a model

Hello Developers, So I have this Coin Model and I am trying to randomly spawn the coin model within the radius of this Position(-214., 5, -28) For example the Coin could spawn in -210(X coordinate) or -30(X coordinate)
Here is a visual example

I want the coin to spawn in the red area
The position of the red area is (-214, 5, -28) as I have mentioned before
Here is what I did so far

local StarterZoneCurrency = script.Parent

local RandomPosX = math.random(1,214)
local RandomPosY = math.random(1,5)
local RandomposZ = math.random(1,28)- I got an error when I put a negative

local Position = * -1, RandomPosY, RandomposZ * -1 ) - here I make a variable for the random position I do * -1 to make sure it is negative since I want the coin to spawn in an area that has negative Coordinates. Because when I put a negative value inside the math. random it gave an error 

local StarterZoneCurrencyItems = {
	StarterZoneCurrency["Bag 1"],
	StarterZoneCurrency["Bag 2"],

for i,v in pairs(StarterZoneCurrencyItems) do
	print(i,v) -- loop through the table to get the coin
	if i == 1 then
		while true do
			local CloneBag1 = v:Clone() - clone the Coin
			CloneBag1.Parent = game.Workspace - parent the coin
			CloneBag1:PivotTo(Positon) - and I postion the coin 


There is one problem with this code the Coin does not position randomly it position at this one place.
There is actually like 200 coin in that one position. The Code had no errors just the Coin did not position where I originally intended it to be position

your math.random should be in the while true loop, also you should look at the require error as that could be a virus, and if your only setting position use :MoveTo not :PivotTo, (annd change your initial position to a vector3 value)

You are defining the random position outside of the loop, so you are placing all the coins in the same position.

Also, the reason for the error here is because the first argument has to be less than the second argument

It should look like this

local RandomposZ = math.random(-28, 1)