How to raycast with attachments on melee weapons?

Ok, so I can’t use RaycastModuleV4 or ClientCast. RaycastModuleV4 fires raycasts on the server, which any player above 200 MS can cry over. ClientCast works, but its not COMPLETELY accurate. I tried raycasting on my own using attachments as hitboxes, but I ran into a problem. When I built a ray, I used and put 0,0,0 as the directions. It didn’t work, but I need the raycast to be exactly at the attachments to create a hitbox.

What should I put my directions as? OR What else should I try?

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could try looking into using this module it’s what i used when I made some melee weapons like around a year ago. I can’t remember the inns and outs of it but i remember it being a pretty good module.

I cant use it because it raycasts on the server, which makes it impossible for exploiters to shoot through walls, but players above 210 ms wont have a good time with hitboxes.

ive been trying to make one, and only one worked, but i lost the file. But instead of attachments it used parts but you can transition it to attachments. ilyk when i find the file.

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Thank you. Have a great day!!!