How to Raytrace

How do you raytrace in roblox? Is it possible to raytrace in roblox?

Its really simple actually, just laggy and takes a while.

First you just need to generate multiple frames as pixels, usually 90,000 pixels works fine.

Then you need to cast a ray starting from where the absolute position of the pixel is casting into 3d space.

Then you can change the color of the pixel to something like the brick color of what it hit.

If you don’t know anything about raycasting, look here

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You cannot do real time ray tracing on roblox as you would in other games. “Ray traced” lighting in games is actually really common, the only difference is typically it’s baked into the scene and static meaning it doesn’t change. You can get a ray traced effect the same way, but you won’t be able to do it in real time.