How to recieve HTTP requests?

Hello Developers,

I have recently finished a game I have been working on and now decided was a good time to think about moderation. Obviously you could go the tried-and-tested route and make an admin panel, which I have in the past. I wanted to do that but also something a bit unique… Discord bot moderation.

My idea is that I will have a discord bot in a discord server, where I use its commands to communicate with my game. I have worked with webhooks but they are one-sided and RECIEVE not SEND requests.


  1. I’m very inexperienced with web programming.
  2. Have not been able to find useful resources for my case.

Things I should be able to do with the bot:

  1. Shutdown all servers regardless of I’m logged in or out of ROBLOX.
  2. Ban Players/Kick Players
  3. Activate/Deactivate Future Events

I know scripting in Luau quite well, so on the roblox side of things I’ve got it covered. Only thing I really need help with is receiving the data on roblox. I would also highly prefer explanations of anything web related.

Any Help is Appreciated,

Not possible. You must use a polling mechanism that updates the current state or checks for a new “action” to handle.

Could you please explain what “polling” is?

What are you referring to when you mean “the current state”

In my research I found this: Realtime Push to Roblox Game Servers via HTTP Long Polling | Matthew Dean

You can try to do it by utilizing Roblox Open Cloud Messaging API
On your server just send a simple POST request and live Roblox game servers will (at the best scenario) receive your signal to do some action.