How to reduce render distance in Roblox Studio?

Okay, so basically I’m trying to build a city for a project of mine that’s in the works.

At the moment, progress is going smoothly and I’m currently enjoying the results that are being made.

But here’s the problem, the city is not even halfway finished and yet the Roblox Studio file takes up so much memory on my computer whenever I work on it.

I don’t want to risk my computer blowing a fuse whenever I work on this thing, since it’s a very old and weak computer that can’t even run a Roblox game properly above 2+ graphics.

It doesn’t lag or anything in Studio, but the fact that it needs so much memory at one time is still worrying.

I have heard of something called render distance that you can use to lower memory usage in some games in order to make it run smoothly.


It’s also a feature in Blender that’s very useful when you have a weak computer, though it’s called clipping or clip instead.


I’m currently wondering if there’s a feature similar to that hidden somewhere in Roblox Studio, because if I could control how much is seen at one time then it would put less strain on my computer.

Any advice is very helpful right now, so it would be greatly appreciated.

Try looking at this, maybe it will help?

Also, just setting your studio graphics settings lower will put less strain on your computer.

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While I don’t think there’s a setting that specifically lowers the render distance, the closest option to that is what @RMofSBI mentioned, the Editor Quality Level setting (which can be updated through File --> Studio Settings --> Rendering.

It’s essentially like the in-game graphics quality slider (for playtests and playing in live servers) but it only takes effect while editing the game.

Keep in mind that modifying the Editor Quality will affect more than just the distance that Instances render in from. I’d still recommend checking what the game looks like on different quality levels from time to time to make sure that everything appears as desired.

That only applies to playtests / live servers and not while editing the game, as far as I’m aware.

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Yes you are correct. . . . . .

Render distance doesn’t affect memory, it affects how much is being rendered. The game still needs to know what’s beyond the render distance so it doesn’t freeze when you move around.

But, I believe that this amount of memory usage is pretty normal. On the castle template, Studio is using 1.3 gigabytes of memory.

In an actual game, however, Roblox is using only 500 megabytes

I think the high memory usage is just because it’s an editor, other game engine editors also use a ton of memory (I remember Unreal Engine 4 using 4 gigabytes as soon as I clicked on a template).