How to Reduce Vertices without combining the model

How do I reduce the number of vertices there are without combining the model?


Every time that I try to reduce the number of vertices. It combines it one mesh instead of multiple.
Anybody know a method on Blender to reduce the number of vertices without combining it?

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It might be that blender automatically puts it into 1 model since of its all in one file


If you export as a .FBX file type, and use the mass uploading feature, you can upload them all separately

However, looking at your mesh’s numbers:
Nearly half a million tris is waaaaaaay more than you actually need for this one model, and no amount of splitting would be effective.


Yeah, there is no amount of splitting or automatic decimation that is going to make that into a usable game asset. A game where each player’s portal gun has more triangles than most games’ entire worlds (with all buildings, terrain, and characters combined) is not going to be playable.

The real answer is that you need to learn low-poly modeling techniques for making game assets. It’s very different from making assets for non-realtime rendering. That portal gun shouldn’t be 450,000 triangles, it should be more like 1500 at most. Details like the turbines in the rear: those would normally just be a texture, not geometry.

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