How to reference collision groups in a script?

I’ve been messing around with collision groups and I have a pre-made group with an object that doesn’t collide with anything.

I want a specific part to collide with it, but it has to be created through a script. That means I also have to create a separate group in my script. How can I reference the pre-made collision group from my script so that I can set these objects to collide with each other?



Use PhysicsService

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I am using it to create another collision group, but how would I reference a collision group in a script that was already made?

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int[] GetCollisionGroups();

Just use this and index the right Collision group


if you created it with the collision groups editor or a script, then just use the name you created it with.

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I’m kind of assuming that the group I created is the one after the default. However, the code below doesn’t work for me.

[17:45:06.702 - Unable to cast value to std::string]

-- Adds beamEnd to beamCollision group
local collisionGroups = PhysicsService:GetCollisionGroups()
local invisibleGroup = collisionGroups[2]
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But, the name would have to track back to the collision group I want to reference, which is where I am having a difficult time figuring out.

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Because you’re using “SetCollidable”, you should just give the name if the collision group you supplied as Arg1 and Arg2 are strings


Each value of the table returns by GetCollisionGroups is also a table.

Please read the documentation on both itself and the collidable method.

Even if it were the second one (bold assumption to make) then you’d need collisionGroups[2].name for the name.


Thank you for the clarifications. I never knew I could click the different functions and see more in-depth details. Sorry about that.

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