How to remove a Reserve Server?


I’m currently making a system which players are able to make their own servers in. Obviously they will use it for a while, but after they have used it and there is nobody in it left how do I make it so that that specific server is removed.

Any help would be appreciated.


Servers automatically shut down when all players have left. You don’t need to shut it down manually.

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When I use adonis to run :servers, it still appears to be there. I’m assuming it doesn’t shut down due to it being a Reserve Server it stays open.

Reserved Servers may shut down like @ClockworkSquirrel has mentioned, however they’ll still be visible because their “Access Code” is still useable to enter said server. Don’t worry, it really is closed it’s just that the access code can lead back to it and open a new server with that access code if it wasn’t open.

At least, that’s my understanding.

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Thanks, didn’t realise that at all.